Analysys Mason Podcast

How Rakuten is writing the automation rulebook for 5G

February 4, 2021

In this podcast Principal Analyst, Anil Rao discusses network automation with Rahul Atri, Managing Director, Rakuten Mobile Singapore.

  • (00:00) Anil introduces us to how the telecoms industry is responding to the challenges and opportunities of automation and Rahul explains why Rakuten made automation a fundamental part of its approach


  • (09:00) vRAN automation use case – how deployment time per site was reduced from 6 days 8.5 minutes


  • (12:00) The foundational principles of extreme automation at Rakuten; with examples of edge data centre deployment automation and more discussion about vRAN


  • (17:00) The current state of automation at Rakuten; successes and challenges


  • (28:00) Rakuten Communications Platform, the layered architecture, infrastructure, orchestration engine, observability framework


  • (35:00) Rakuten Communications Platform and industry standards, collaborating with vendor partners to build open solutions and the pitfalls of too many standards. Balancing standards with optimisation, customisation, and innovation


  • (44:00) Making DevOps, continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) work with partners


  • (48:00) Riding the Open-source wave


  • (54.00) OpenRAN and remote interface control (RIC)


  • (57:42) Machine learning and artificial intelligence; use case examples including self-healing automation


  • (01:06:00) What to expect in 2021


  • (01:10:00) Recommendations to communications service providers and vendor partners