Analysys Mason Podcast

Discussion of private LTE and 5G network deployments

February 5, 2021

Enterprises have deployed over 500 private LTE and 5G networks, and detailed information is available on around a third of these.

In this podcast, Tom Rebbeck and Ibraheem Kasujee discuss the results of our latest private networks tracker, which records the details of 156 private LTE and 5G networks.

They discuss the trends in deployments of these networks, where these networks are being deployed, the vertical markets that are deploying them and the lead contractors.

The discussion is based our Private LTE/5G networks tracker 4Q 2020 and a short strategy report, Private LTE/5G network deployments: trends and analysis.

If you would like more information on this topic, click on the items above and watch our on-demand webinar, Private LTE/5G networks: an IoT growth opportunity for operators. We also recently published a detailed report on the private networks opportunity “Private LTE/5G networks: a framework for understanding the opportunity.

Tom Rebbeck is a Partner in Analysys Mason's Research division and Ibraheem Kasujee is a Research Analyst.